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Working together to end homelessness in the Lehigh Valley. 

The Lehigh Valley Regional Homeless Advisory Board (LVRHAB) is comprised of representatives from approximately 50 nonprofit organizations, faith-based initiatives & government agencies who work together to end homelessness in the Lehigh Valley. 

The LVRHAB is one of five Regional Homeless Advisory Boards that make up the Eastern Pennsylvania Continuum of Care (Eastern PA CoC). A Continuum of Care is a HUD-mandated collaborative funding and planning approach that helps communities plan for and provide, as necessary, a full range of emergency, transitional, and permanent housing and other service resources to address the various needs of people who are experiencing homelessness.    The Continuum of Care approach mandated by HUD requires that all agencies receiving funds under HUD’s HEARTH Act participate in the COC and local RHAB, however, many agencies involved in our local RHAB are not funded by HUD, and therefore, are not driven by HUD mandates.  

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We envision a Lehigh Valley in which everyone has access to housing they can afford and the support they need to keep that housing.